Exhibition Media

Take your brand to your customers by exhibiting in various centres. We offer tailor made packages to suite any brand, any budget, anywhere. With our added benefits option we’ll boost your exhibition and ensure its success.

Through exhibition, your brand is able to:
Enhance its direct marketing engagement within a short time frame;
Exhibit your product in a live environment;
Engage in pre-qualified sales;
Investigate and gather information from customers.
All these gives you the opportunity to interact and engage with existing customers.

We’ll assist you in building your brand awareness by exposing your brand to the market.

Over 50 shopping centers to choose from

Additional branded marketing media for exhibitions
2x Event Bin (500mmx500mm) R 800.00 per bin
2x Sharfin Banner (2000mm) R 1 100.00 per banner
Gazebo (2500mmx2500mm) R 7 200.00 per Gazebo
Pop Up Banner (1200mmx700mm) R 1 600.00 per Banner

Exhibition Milieu Media

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