Print Media

Printed media offers many benefits to your brand. It builds your brand awareness, it exposes customers to your brand, giving them a basic insight into your brand along with the opportunity to take a piece of your brand home with them, i.e business cards and flyers. Good design along with print media attracts customers to you. Print media that stands out from the crowd makes for a memorable and recognisable brand that will draw potential new customers in. Milieu Media offers a variety of print media options, we'll fulfil all your printing requirements. From the basics of business cards to digital prints, we'll do it all at affordable rates.

Boost your business through our smart, efficient and flexible print solutions.

Business Cards
500 Full Colour Single Sided Business Cards R 340.00
500 Full Colour Double Sided Business Cards R 400.00

A0 Matt R 200.00
A1 Matt R 135.00
A2 Matt R 95.00
A3 Matt R 55.00

1000 A5 Full Colour Single Sided R 760.00
1000 A5 Full Colour Double Sided R 1 160.00

Rolla Banner
Entry Level Banner (1500mmx800mm) R 800.00
Executive Banner (2000mmx800mm) R 1 500.00
Printing Milieu Media

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